Our Products

Stainless Steel Scrubbers 'glazze'

We feel glad to introduce our self as a manufacturer & marketing company of the most appreciated & accepted FMCG product 'GLAZZE'.

The company is engaged in s.s. scrubbers manufacturing by the product name 'GLAZZE' along with the scrubber making machines.

We also have a capacity to produce s.s. scrubbers in unpacked condition to cater to the need of various customers. Contact us for details.

M.M.Industries' GLAZZE scrubbers are manufactured solely on fully automatic machine, due to which consistency in the end product is achieved along with controlled parameter. The scrubber is upgraded after enough marketing experience.

The scrubbers are packed in unique blister pack due to which from all sides visibility of product is possible besides making it convenient for trader to handle.

The Product

The concept is none other than a scrubber named as GLAZZE is a real magic for multipurpose cleaning specially for kitchenware & toilet wares. The scrubbers are made up of stainless steel having both metallic and plastic properties, which are as follows:

The metallic properties of GLAZZE stainless steel scrubbers are :

  • Made up of special grade magnetic stainless steel, tough & having long lasting strength.
  • Very smooth edge, so very safe for hands, does not hurt.
  • Made up of 100% stainless steel, so it is hygienic to health, as it is not going to rust & also germs free.
  • Since it contains 11,000 inches of cleaning edges, so it removes dirt quickly & easily.
  • It consumes very less soap and detergent.
  • Very handy.
Salient Features

The Scrubbers manufactured by us are having unique features as under.

SAFETY: The scrubber has smooth edges and thus the product is smooth as well safe for the hands.

HYGENIC: The product is made up of germfree and rustles magnetic grade stainless steel. Its surface is non-clinging and remains clean and hygienic in use.

ECONOMICAL: The product is not only priced economically but also the product has got tough built which makes it last longer. We are sure that our company wants to establish brand name. We desire to sell GLAZZE in market and not scrubber.

EFFICIENT: The cleaning quality of any scrubber is maximum dependent on the length and sharpness of the wire edges. GLAZZE has got over 11000 inches of sharp cleaning edges to remove dirt quickly and easily. The sharpness of the edges is so maintained that GLAZZE performs out standing.

The plastic properties of GLAZZE stainless steel scrubbers are:

  • Very soft to clean hidden surfaces.
  • Very flexible to clean surface which cannot be clean by any other media.

Wide Applicability

GLAZZE has found its dominance not only in today's Kitchens but also in the Industries, and offices. The GLAZZE can be put to use for cleaning Pots, pans, ovens, bar-b-queue grills, Dishes, Glassware, Sinks, Tiles, Bath tubs, Machine Parts, Tools, Camping equipments, Tyres etc. They can also be used for peeling Carrots, Potatoes, and Radish etc.

GLAZZE stainless steel scrubbers is multipurpose and very useful for cleaning followings:

  • Kitchenware: Washing pots, Pans, Ovens, Grills, Bar-B-Queue. Grills, Glass Wares, Oily frying pans, Sinks, Gas burners, "Burned Utensils" etc.
  • Toilet Wares: Tiles, Wash Basins, Bath tubes, Buckets, Mugs, Etc.
  • Engineering items: Oily and greasy machine parts, rusted surface, clamping equipment.
  • Automobiles: For Tyres, Tubes, oily spares & parts.
  • Vegetables: For peeling carrots, potatoes etc.
  • Other than above mention uses for customer : this product can be sold for institutions like hotels, Hospitals, canteens, office & even to the stallwala's who sales tea & snacks.


Do not use on Teflon surfaces.


  • Cost effective product.
  • Easy in operation.
  • Consistent in quality even after long use.
  • Price advantage over others.
  • Time tested product.
  • Product designed tough for longer life.

Very High Stretch And Rinsing Property:

The GLAZZE stretches and rinses very easily under running water tap while and after use. This provides extra hygiene in its use.

Over all product performance is unparalleled.